Shepherds, or Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing?

“The shepherds have rebelled against me; the prophets prophesied in the name of Baal, following useless idols You heavens, stand aghast at this, says the Lord ─ since my people have committed a double crime: they have abandoned me, the source of living waters; They have dug themselves cisterns, broken cisterns that hold no water.”       (Jer. 2:8,12-13)

If Theodore McCarrick’s sudden fall from grace over a sordid history of sexual abuse demonstrates anything, it is that the Catholic hierarchy can no longer continue to operate under an opaque cloak of secrecy and deception. As the Church confronts this latest Watergate moment,’ I wonder, do its leaders really comprehend the problem? Following the classic Western movie “they went thataway” theme, it seems that in our shepherds zealous hunt for child molesters, they have willfully blinded themselves to an equally disturbing problem, a rampant homosexual subculture operating within certain clerical ranks.

Compounding this problem is a society which no longer draws any meaningful distinction between ‘natural’ and ‘unnatural’ vice. A priest sleeping with a woman violates his vow of celibacy, but in a natural context. The priest molesting a seminarian not only violates his vows to God but does so in an unnatural manner, a far more serious sin, in that it also violates the Natural Law. McCarrick represents a class of predators who regularly prey on inexperienced seminarians, priests, and various naïve young men. This approach has long been the modus operandus of the gay homosexual culture in general ─ recruiting young men into a gay lifestyle while their emotions and ideas are still impressionable and unformed. “Woe to him that gives drink to his friend, that he may behold his nakedness.” (Hab. 2:15)

Unfortunately, cover for such pernicious activity has been neatly afforded within the Church itself by groups such as Dignity whose deceptive motto is, “True to ourselves, true to the Spirit.” (Is that just possibly the Spirit of lust?) And how is it that Catholic institutions like Georgetown University now sanction student ‘Gay Pride’ and ‘drag festival’ events? Meanwhile the Paulist Fathers on New York Citys west side sponsor ‘Out at St. Paul’s, a homo/trans ministry whose main goal seems less about helping same-sex oriented people pursue lives of Christian virtue, and more about celebrating ‘diverse’ pagan lifestyles. Really? St. Paul would blush for shame.

Today, the rainbow flag is used as a disarming foil against any serious investigation by bishops, media, or the Vatican into an entrenched gay subculture permeating much of our clergy. And while countless young men are being shamelessly exploited there are other incidental victims in this cover-up as well: those thousands of faithful and virtuous priests and religious who are then derided and must live under watchful suspicion due to ‘guilt by association.’ Meanwhile, a world desperately hungering for Truth is instead being de-evangelized by pious hypocrites and do-nothings who continue to blacken the name of religion. Theodore McCarrick and his silent Ecclesial protectors have handed to our enemies the very bombs they now freely lob back upon the Church’s true defenders. The maxim, “silence implies consent” surely falls upon those in the episcopal ranks of Church governance who, cowering before the ‘lavender lobby’ and its political pressure tactics, have permitted homoerotic sexual exploitation to extend its corrupt tentacles into the very heart of the Body of Christ.


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Thoughts on Luther’s Reformation

Yesterday marked the 500th anniversary of possibly the most momentous event in modern Western society. Martin Luther’s posting of his 95 theses on the church door at Wittenburg demarcates the transition from a medieval society going back to the era of Charlemagne into what we know as the modern world in many respects. Most Protestants today regard Luther as the sainted reformer of Christianity while other Christians would see him as a heretic who split the Church asunder. And while both views may have their respective merits (and passionate defenders) neither view provides a clear and dispassionate analysis of Luther’s methods and objectives. Continue reading

Large Numbers

On my recent long drive back from Nebraska I was pondering just how expansive our great country is, but also how people today are so impressed by large numbers, especially when preceded by a $ sign. But numbers are really just abstract ciphers until we attach some more pertinent meaning to them. For instance, they can be helpful in measuring relationships between physical objects or to gain some sense of proportion. My mind then wandered into the field of astronomy where Really Big numbers are common, everyday occurrences. It turns out this big, old world of ours is really pretty insignificant in the universal scheme of existence, and yet its significance derives not from any physical properties but because it contains something that is exceedingly rare in the cosmos, and even more precious: life. Continue reading

Calm Before the Storm

On Monday, August 21 several million Americans will witness a total eclipse of the sun. From ancient times solar eclipses, like comets, have been considered portents of singular events, either great or chilling, something like a celestial early warning system. I am not normally prone to make wild predictions based upon astronomical signs, but this year already seems to be filled with foreboding on many fronts, as though something great and terrible looms on the horizon. Being the 100th year of the Fatima apparitions in Portugal, many others have also expressed a sense of imminence, as though a significant spiritual storm is brewing the likes of which our generation has never seen. Like any premonition there is no real way to accurately predict what form that storm might take. But, as always, the best clues about the future often come from the past. Continue reading

Finding Your True Identity

(In a Very Confused World)

Our world today, particularly in the West, is suffering through a frightful identity crisis. If you doubt this assertion just look closely at the ridiculous identity politics that has overrun college campuses. Universities have always been the bell-weathers of society so the current gender dystopia verging on hysteria that we now commonly see among students is an ill wind that blows. It would appear that many young people today are undergoing what was called in the ’60s a major “identity crisis.” The pendulum has finally swung full circle. Continue reading

What Does it Mean to be Saved?

All are Redeemed, but not all are Saved

    “Never was there a worse sinner, and never was God kinder to one,” remarks the fictional character J. Blue in Myles Connolly’s classic novelette Mr. Blue.  Although intended as an epithet for his gravestone, the childlike Blue innocently encapsulates the entire mystery of salvation into a single, plain-spoken truism. There is not one of us who could not make that motto his or her own, for it is only the kindness of God which allows any person to be saved. Nothing we can ever do merits such extraordinary kindness. All salvation is God’s pure gift.

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Momentous Signs

Glorious Vacation! We just spent a thrilling week touring about Northern California, a delightful experience augmented  by the extraordinary beauty and fascinating history of this corner of the world. Pristine Sierra lakes, sprawling vineyards, and majestic giant redwoods all conspire to leave the tourist breathless. My only complaint during an otherwise perfect holiday was the haphazard posting of road signs, a situation which too often left one in a state of mystified spatial confusion.

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Tolerance, a Force for Good or Evil?

My father was a great dad in almost every respect. Notwithstanding his cheery, loving disposition he was affected by a bit of residual puritanism which sometimes surfaced in amusing ways. I remember one such instance when I was about 12 years old. Our family received some free tickets to a newly released film, Meredith Wilson’s The Music Man. While the movie itself was quite entertaining I was more bemused by dad’s reaction to the story line which he earnestly viewed as immoral because Professor Harold Hill, the charming confidence man who wins the heart of the local librarian (Marian), is actually rescued from his well deserved fate of being exposed, horsewhipped, and thrown in a jail cell. Anything less than severe punishment represented a serious breech of justice in dad’s somewhat legalistic mind. I saw the thing a little differently. The real moral of this zany story revolves around the redemptive love of a good woman, Marian, and how that love has the power to transform a jaded, fast talking slicker into a genuine human being who learns to care more about others than himself.

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Nothing rounds out one’s personality like the spirit of gratitude. Gratitude, like optimism, changes our whole outlook on life for the better. Fittingly, the very word “gratitude” rhymes with “attitude” because gratitude is an attitude which becomes essential to human happiness and well being. But gratitude is not an easy habit to cultivate, especially in a free society such as ours. Not that freedom itself is antithetical to gratitude. In fact, freedom is the strongest inducement to be grateful to the God who first gave us freedom. Not all peoples possess the precious liberties that we Americans enjoy and that fact alone should inspire one to a sense of profound gratitude.

Today, however, our country seems to be losing that once vibrant sense of gratitude to God which long served as a hallmark of our national identity and character. Continue reading

Truth: the Foundation of Progress & Freedom

From its inception as a nation America has possessed a uniquely progressive spirit. But what has progress come to mean today? Jumbo-sized houses and smart-phones? Hardly! Our American Republic was constructed on the bedrock of the Judaeo-Christian ethic. Today, those religious roots are increasingly neglected or dismissed as irrelevant in our largely secular society. While exciting new technology, massive communications networks, and consumerism are all a certain measure of progress there is a darker side to the story as well. Continue reading